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Our firm specializes in the rehabilitation and liquidation of companies, bankruptcy, real estate, libel claims, civil cases and class actions.
  The firm was founded in 1987 and currently, employs 11 people, including 7 attorneys, an intern and an administrative team.
We aspire to excellence in each and every matter engaged by us 
We consider ourselves a quality firm which handles complex legal issues in an efficient, innovative manner that suits the client's needs.
Our office combines knowledge, expertise and experience with a personal commitment to respond to the specific needs of each client. All that In light of "Yekish" [German Jew] heritage of first Minister of Justice of Israel, Pinchas Rosen (Felix Rosenblit) who was Eitan's mother uncle.
The firm was involved, both directly and indirectly, in many significant cases of winding up and rehabilitation of companies in the State of Israel during the last 22 years.
Our firm is one of the leading law offices in Israel in the area of bankruptcy laws, and is viewed as a firm that handles high scale cases, which are considered among the most complicated in this field.
The firm includes a litigation department, handling complex civil and commercial cases in various areas, including matters pertaining to the field of companies, banking, contracts, personal conflicts, class actions, personal status and succession.

EITAN S. EREZ & Co. Advocates
Levinstein Tower, 13th Floor, 23 Menahem Begin Rd., Tel Aviv 66184 Israel
Tel: +972-3-5669002  Fax: +972-3-5669001

איתן ש. ארז ושות' עורכי-דין
מגדל לוינשטיין, קומה 13, דרך מנחם בגין 23, תל אביב 66184 ישראל
טל: 03-5669002  פקס: 03-5669001

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