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The ancient writings state: 'Not only that the tongue may cause death, but that its injury is worse than that of a sword. While the sword could kill only those in its vicinity, the tongue may destroy those away from it'.
Needless to elaborate on the meaning of written words in the modern age. Wherever we go, we are surrounded by various means of the media, daily newspapers, local newspapers, websites, radio stations and hundreds of television stations. Together with the great importance of these means of communications and the principle of freedom of speech, which is one of the basic values of the democratic society, the subject of an article or an interview is entitled to protect his good will, as observed by scholars: 'The freedom of speech may not be construed as freedom of contempt and it is certainly not freedom of incitement'.
Our firm includes a legal department that specializes in the field of defamation claims, having many years of experience in this field, while handling dozens of clients, including clients from the area of sports and communications, including Loni Herzikowitz, chairman and owner of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Meir Shamir, Yitzhak Perry, who served as the chairman of Maccabi Rishon Letzion, basketball club, Anda Ramat Hasharon, Uri Porat of blessed memory, who served in the position of director general of the Broadcasting Authority, Michael Carpin and many others. In addition, our firm served many clients from the local administration, including Yael German, Mayor of Herzlia, Yehuda Ben Hammo, Mayor of Kfar Saba, Rina Paz, Deputy Mayor of Kfar Saba, Eyal Yoniyan, Director General of the Municipality of Kfar Saba, and others.
Our firm is responsible for some of the most significant rulings rendered in the field of defamation claims, principally the judgment that was issued in the case in which our firm represented Shimon Amsalem, a basketball player, against Ha'ir Newspaper [awarded an amount of NIS 150,000]. Another central judgment in which our firm took place is the defamation claim where our firm represented Loni Herzikowitz, chairman and owner of Maccabi Tel Aviv, against Ha'ir Newspaper. In this case, the district court ordered Ha'ir Newspaper to pay NIS 570,000. The judgment of the district court was later revoked by the supreme court in one of its most controversial judgments in the field of defamation claims.

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