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Winding Up
Our firm provides an in depth specialization in the field of winding up and until now it was involved in hundreds of winding up cases, including many of the most significant cases of liquidation in Israel, such as: The construction company of Abraham Gindi, the Pikanti Complex, The fashion network of Bonmart, Easy Chemicals,  Kelet Afikim, Shaar Efraim, Baranovich, Heftziba,  Shelev Transportation Cooperative, Kidum Insurance Company and many others.

Civil Law
We handle complicated civil cases including using of liens, foreclosures and Mareva etc

Our firm specializes on all aspects of personal bankruptcy field, by providing legal consultation to the debtors and to the creditors. The firm was involved in dozens of personal bankruptcy case, including the biggest personal bankruptcy case in Israel's history (Eli Reifman case).  

Class Actions
The field of class actions is a unique and intricate legal area, which became very dominant in Israel legal practice in recent years. It is important to emphasize that the handling of class actions requires from the representing attorney much proficiency in the field, proven experience and ability to confront large business organizations. The firm won already 2 class actions (sport channel 5 case and MultiLock case)

Defamation Claims libel and slander
The ancient proverb states: 'Not only that the tongue may cause death, but that its injury is worse than that of a sword. While the sword could kill only those in its vicinity, the tongue may destroy those away from it.

Real Estate
Our real estate department of specializes in all legal aspects of the real estate field, including property laws, contract laws, mortgage laws, taxation [including municipal taxation, such as betterment fee], planning and construction and registration of rights with the Land Registration Bureau [including the registration of condominiums] and with the Israel Land Administration.



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